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At LFN, Ronan, we seek The manifest presence of God, We Promote Revival, We make disciples, we strive to be the light, we are committed to local and global missions.

Bread Of Life : Frank Cummings

John 6:25-59. Oct 6 2019
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Beautiful Ronan
Originally settled by Salish in 1883, the town was called spring creek and then It was called Ronan
Loving City
At Life For The Nations, our prayer is that revival would spring from here to everywhere.
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128 Main St SW, Ronan, MT 59864

Our Mission at Life for the Nations

we seek the manifest presence of God to walk in revival, and disciple believers to be effective witness of the risen Lord.


Jesus Commanded us to love God and love one another.


The meaning of disciple is to be a learner, we want to be teachable


We are called to be witnesses and share Gods love to all.

Our Weekly Ministries

Please join us for the weekly ministries

Sunday Service

Every Sunday we meet from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm and then fellowship at the snack table

Alpha Outreach

Alpha is designed to help believers grow and reach others.

Healing Rooms

The sick will be prayed for on Friday 4:00-6:00 pm. We Believe Jesus still heals the sick.


We are all called to be disciple of Jesus, as disciples we are to grown in Jesus.

Mid Week Prayer

Prayer is vital to see the move of God. We gather on Wednesday 7:00pm to pray.

Pastoral Ministry

As time permits we meet and help in pastoral ministry to the member of LFN.

What is important to us

Our Values


We were created for relationships, to love God and to love others, when we walk in love we represent God.


The main task of the Church is to fulfill the great commission and take the gospel everywhere.


The family is the fabric of our society, healthy and godly families make a godly nation.


Prayer moves the hand of him who moves the earth. A praying church is a powerfilled church.

Word Of God

The word of the Lord is our foundation, when we listen and obey his word we walk in blessing.


Jesus said I have not come to be served but to serve and give my life as a ransom for many.


Our Passion as a community of believers is to pursue the love of the Father. We are called to live as sons and daughters of God and not as slaves, orphans.


Jesus died for our us, so we pursue physical and inner healing as the bread we can receive from the father. Jesus is our divine healer. 


We believe that the kingdom of God is sthe answer to the problems we face, revival is our birth right as believers. We seek the Lord to send revival on our land.                                      


As disciples we are called to be witness for the risen lord and take his gospel both to our neighborhood and to the ends of the earth, and be equipped for service


128 Main St SW 
Ronan, MT 59864

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Sunday Service from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm